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Samuel Rivas
Erlang Hacker at Interoud

Samuel Rivas has been working with Erlang since his last years as a student in the University of A Coruña (Spain), an undisclosed number of years ago. After graduating, he started working with the MADS (Models And Applications of Distributed Systems) research group, joining to LambdaStream shortly afterwards.

Recently, Samuel became the CTO of Interoud, a company developing software for IPTV that might have some Erlang inside.

Samuel Rivas is Giving the Following Talks
Testing what should work, not what should not fail

When evolving software we may introduce new corner cases that can pass unnoticed through the test cases in our automated test suite. Since developers rely on other's test suites when changing their code, the more developers work on a module, the more likely it is they slip a bug trough the test suite; that's something we though we had to live with. However, property based testing is emerging as a new hope, our last experiences say that it helps to create test suites more robust to software evolution without forcing us to write tons of "just-in-case test cases."