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András György Békés
Functional Programming Enthusiast
Morgan Stanley

András 'Georgy' Békés has been a functional programming enthusiast since his university years. Besides FP, his interests are logic & constraint programming, parallel programming and fault-tolerant systems. He works as a kdb+ developer at Morgan Stanley.

András György Békés is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang at Morgan Stanley

This talk presents two systems developed in Erlang at Morgan Stanley.

One of them is a general resource management platform. It is a distributed system prepeared for managing a large number of different resources, like web applications, Unix processes or virtual machines. The system manages 70 000 different resources and has to be stable and highly available. The talk presents how we used Erlang to build this system and the major challenges we had to deal with.

The other one is a load balancer for kdb+ server farms. It works in the application layer. Understands all the kdb+ transport protocols (http, websocket and native kdb+ IPC) and routes request individually. This software must be scalable, fault-tolerant and has soft real-time requirements. The talk describes the design of the system, showing some advantages and disadvantages of choosing Erlang.

Talk objectives: To present insights Morgan Stanley's approach to Erlang systems

Target audience: All developers interested in finding new angles for issues specific to financial services software development