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Atilla Erdődi
Full Stack Software Engineer
Zotonic, Azavista

Atilla Erdődi is member of the Zotonic core team and working as a data engineer at Azavista, an Amsterdam based travel startup. Previously he worked on MaxClass, a social communication platform for education, built with Erlang and Zotonic.

Twitter: @AtillaE

Atilla Erdődi is Giving the Following Talks
Zotonic, the Erlang Web Framework and CMS

Zotonic is the open source, high speed, real-time web framework  and content management system, built with Erlang. It is flexible, extensible and designed from the ground up to support dynamic, interactive websites and mobile solutions.

Talk objectives:  Give an introduction to Zotonic and show why Erlang and its design principles are a good fit for highly interactive, real-time web applications

Target audience: Developers, Technical co-founders at startups
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