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Zubair Sheikh
Software Engineer @ AOL

Zubair is an Erlang enthusiast currently working as Software Engineer at AOL. He is part of the back end team responsible for developing a real-time ad-delivery system. Zubair has keen interest in formal specification methods and when not writing Erlang code, he finds himself reading about new technologies and languages.

Zubair Sheikh is Giving the Following Talks
Architectural Overview and Implementation of Real-Time Bidding System

Real-time bidding (RTB) is relatively a new concept in online advertising, and concerns the valuation and delivery of ad impressions in real-time. The talk will provide a brief overview to online advertising platform and how Real-time bidding is changing the way ads are served to the target audience. 
At Adtech AOL, erlang was a choice of language for implementing an RTB component. This talk will focus on Real-time bidding platform in general and provide the architectural overview of the RTB system, and how erlang/otp is used to build the highly concurrent RTB system.

Talk objectives: Provide an overview to Real-Time Bidding (RTB) platform and how erlang/otp is used for implementing the RTB system.

Target audience: Erlang developers, architects, and anyone interested in online advertising/Real-time bidding.