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Joseph Wayne Norton
Erlang Enthusiast
Gemini Mobile Technologies, Inc.

Joe Norton is a technical manager, system architect, developer, and Erlang enthusiast working in the mobile industry.

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Putting UBF to work (and Getting the outside world to talk to Erlang)

Many protocols have formal specifications: ASN.1, ONC-RPC, CORBA, AMQP, Thrift, Protocol Buffers, zillions more....

We believe there are at least three reasons why industry uses such specifications. However, most industrial uses take advantage of the first mostly and only occasionally the second: #1 Specify bits "on the wire" in a way all parties agree.  #2 API documentation: how the protocol's API works.  We have found that there's a very important third reason: #3 Protocol meta-data: input for other tools (development, testing, etc.).

My company is one of several that is collectively building a custom Webmail system for a large carrier in Asia.  (The initial deployment will be used by well over 1 million customers.)  We definitely take advantage of reasons #1 and #2 to facilitate the multi-way project planning with several development groups and the carrier/customer. Their value in communicating both with developers and with project managers is quite large.

We would like to share with other Erlang developers our experiences of using and enhancing UBF for reason #3.  Much of this work is slowly making its way into the wider world, using an MIT license and distributed via GitHub (