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Rusty Klophaus
Senior Engineer at Basho Technologies
Basho Technologies

Rusty Klophaus is one of the core engineers at Basho Technologies where he focuses on building distributed, fault-tolerant applications to store and retrieve Big Data. He is currently on the core engineering team of Riak Search. Before joining Basho, Rusty launched an Erlang-based startup (which spawned the Nitrogen Web Framework); before that he managed multi-million dollar technology products and guided multiple project teams at an Internet advertising company based in New York City. When he's not hacking, Rusty plays guitar and organizes the Hacker News Meetup Group of Washington, DC.

Rusty Klophaus is Giving the Following Talks
Masterless Distributed Computing with Riak Core

In this talk, Rusty will explain why Riak Core was built, discuss what problems it solves and how it works, and demonstrate how a developer can leverage Riak Core to quickly build their own masterless distributed application.