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Tino Breddin
Embedded Erlanger from Dresden
Erlang solutions

Tino Breddin is a Systems Engineer at Erlang Solutions Ltd where he spends quality time on building scalable, highly-reliable systems for messaging and data storage. When not using Erlang he prefers using Python or Ruby for anything which needs to be automated. Previously Tino worked at the research labs of SAP Labs LLC in Palo Alto and SAP AG in Dresden focusing on massively scalable systems development.

Tino Breddin is Giving the Following Talks
Continuous integration for Erlang/OTP, enhancing its quality and ease-of-use.

Swarm is a continuous build server implemented in Erlang which presents a innovative twist to software quality assurance. The two core concepts, multi-platform build execution and automatic package generation, give projects the ability to provide users with exceptional support while requiring little manual effort. This talk describes how Swarm is used to enhance Erlang/OTP's development process. Further, the upcoming pre-build and tested packages of Erlang/OTP binaries for many free and commercial operating systems are discussed.