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Zoltán Horváth
Professor and supervisor of RefactorErl

Zoltán Horváth is Professor at, and Head of, the Department of Programming Languages and Compilers and Vice-Rector for International Affairs at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary. He defended his habilitation thesis in 2004; the title of his thesis was ``Verification and Semantics of Mobile Code Written in a Functional Programming Language''.

Current topics researched under his supervision include language design, construction of programming language processing tools, formal methods and scheduling in grids. He has been supervising the RefactorErl project since 2005.

Zoltán Horváth is Giving the Following Talks
RefactorErl: a source code analyzer and transformer tool

RefactorErl is a source code analyzer and transformer tool aimed at refactoring Erlang software. The tool itself is written in Erlang with a  unique approach: semantic analysis results are stored in a Mnesia database to avoid repeated analysis of the same source code, and simple, syntax-based manipulations are available that hide the details of handling separators, comments, and code layout.

Beside the 24 implemented refactoring transformations the tool has a complex analyzer framework. For example, it provides data flow analysis, dynamic function call detection, side-effect analysis, etc and a user level query language to query semantic information or structural complexity metrics about Erlang programs.