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Omer Kilic
Embedded Systems Engineer at Erlang Solutions
Erlang Solutions

Omer works on Erlang Embedded, a Knowledge Transfer Partnership project in collaboration with University of Kent. The aim of this project is to bring the benefits of concurrent systems development using Erlang to the field of embedded systems; through investigation, analysis, software development and evaluation.

Before joining Erlang Solutions, Omer was a a research student in the Embedded Systems Lab at the University of Kent, working on a reconfigurable heterogeneous computing framework as part of his PhD thesis (which he intends to submit soon!)

He likes tiny computers, things that 'just work' and real beer.

Omer Kilic is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang Embedded - Concurrent Blinkenlights and More!

Managing the resources and utilising the increasingly popular multicore and heterogeneous aspects of modern embedded systems require new sets of tools and methodologies that differ from the traditional 'C/C++' flow.

Erlang provides features that are highly relevant to solve these issues and yet it is pretty much unknown in the embedded domain -- which is surprising considering that it was originally designed for embedded applications at Ericsson!

Talk objectives: This talk aims to provide an overview of the current state of Erlang in the embedded domain and talk about our plans to help speed up the adoption rate of Erlang in embedded projects.

Target audience: Hardware and software engineers interested in utilising Erlang as part of their embedded projects.