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Arjan Scherpenisse
Zotonic Core Developer

Arjan is a freelance full-stack web developer with a passion for Erlang and backend systems. He has been a core developer on the Zotonic project since its initial release in 2009. 

Twitter: @acscherp

Arjan Scherpenisse is Giving the Following Talks
Making it Fast - How Zotonic Maximizes Erlang’s Power

The talk will focus on the architecture of Zotonic (the Erlang Web Framework and CMS) and the choice in using Erlang for building such a real time, fault-tolerant and distributed web application framework.

The main focus will be performance, focussing on the Erlang VM, the mochiweb web server and caching considerations. The talk follows our chapter for the upcoming book "The Performance of Open Source Applications".

Talk objectives: The audience will get a general understanding of the components of Zotonic, the HTTP request flow and the performance considerations of each aspect of the Zotonic application stack.

Target audience: Erlang developers with a knack for web development.
Tutorial: Zotonic Installfest

In 1.5-hour workshop participants will learn how to get Zotonic running and how to set up a basic website with it. We’ll explain the basics of the Zotonic data model, the template system and how to add interactivity to the website (form submissions, live websockets, etc).