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Stavros Aronis
Hunter of Discrepancies in Erlang Code
Uppsala University

Stavros Aronis finished his master's degree at NTUA, Greece with a thesis on the implementation of an extension for Dialyzer’s type system. He worked under the supervision of Kostis Sagonas. He is currently studying towards a PhD degree in Uppsala University, doing research on Erlang tools.

Twitter: @Vahnatai

Stavros Aronis is Giving the Following Talks
Parallel Erlang - Speed beyond Concurrency

One of the highlighted features of Erlang/OTP R15B02, released on September 2012, was a parallel version of Dialyzer, the standard static analysis tool for Erlang developers, which is now shown to scale almost linearly at least up to twelve cores. Together with other improvements also included in that release, the parallel Dialyzer is able to analyze the entire Erlang/OTP codebase in just 6 minutes. In this talk I will describe the patterns that were used to parallelize this sequential tool and derive useful lessons for writing similar parallel applications in Erlang.

Talk objectives: Share experience on what are some unique problems when parallelizing using Erlang and how to solve them efficiently

Target audience: Erlang developers