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Roman Janusz
Computer science student at AGH University of Science and Technology

Roman is a Computer Science student at AGH-UST and a programmer. His interests include large distributed architectures and systems. He also likes to write software that puts a lot of attention in its performance, scalability and flexibility. Daily, he works on a broadband device provisioning and management platform at AVSystem software house in KraKow.

Roman Janusz is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang based Software Update Plaform for mobile devices

Software Update Platform aims to simplify the process of mass upgrading and management of Erlang software deployed on a large number of remote devices. It uses Erlang because of its scalability and hot-code swapping features allowing for upgrades without stopping any services. The Platform provides a management server, web user interface and a client application which can be easily integrated with the software installed on remote devices. We also managed to integrate the platform with debian package manager, which can simplify the work of system administrators and reduce the amount of data being downloaded during the upgrade process. The platform is designed to be easily extended with more general maintenance features like monitoring, automatic configuration, etc.