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Simon Thompson
Creator of Wrangler and co-author of Erlang Programming
University of Kent

Creator of Erlang's popular Refactoring tool Wrangler, Simon Thompson is Professor of Logic and Computation at the University of Kent and a well-known expert on Functional languages. A long-term contributor to the Haskel and Erlang communities and author of many popular books, including "Haskell: The Craft of Functional Programming", and "Erlang Programming". His work covers many aspects of functional programming and logic in computer science for Erlang and also for Haskel.

Simon Thompson is Giving the Following Talks
Hands-on refactoring with Wrangler

Wrangler supports refactoring for Erlang projects, and is embedded in emacs and Erlide, the Erlang plugin for Eclipse. With Wrangler you can perform basic refactorings, such as renaming a function across a project, or extracting a function from a piece of Erlang code.

Wrangler also allows you to find duplicate or "similar" code across a project, and to refactor this to eliminate these code clones. This has proved to be very useful particularly in examining test code. You can also spot "bad smells" in code using the Wrangler code inspector.

Please bring along your laptop so that you can get started with Wrangler. Also please bring code that you'd like to refactor, and particularly where you want to see what sort of clones the code may contain.