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Enda Farrell
Software Architect for internet scaling

Enda Farrell is one of the software architects for the BBC's new technology platform. By using open source software with (almost) commodity hardware to build a new dynamic content platform, the BBC can cost-effectively and securely allow developers to build faster, better scaling and interactive applications.

Enda joined the BBC to lead the technical team for one of the main content management systems in 2006, having spent 9 years as an engineer and then architect at Sapient. In 2008 when the new platform was granted board approval, the content management team merged in with the platform team to get things going. His Mechanical Engineering degree from UCD is somewhat languishing in a box somewhere, largely unused.

Enda Farrell is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang at the BBC

The BBC is building a new environment that allows cost-effective building of dynamic content platforms. A key component of the new RESTful service-based platform is a Key Value store - an API which uses 32 CouchDB storage nodes in two datacentres. We have a Java/Tomcat API which handles SSL-based user authorisation and sharding, independent (of each other) CouchDB nodes which are replicated with (replication mapped nodes) between our datacentres. We can also show results from a load/stress/soak test to see what - on our servers - is the long-term maximum throughput of an individual node.