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Geoff Cant
Erlang hacker at Process One
Process One

Geoff Cant is an Erlang hacker from New Zealand currently working at Process One on Ejabberd and related technologies. He recently reached 'github break-even' by gaining as many github followers as he has published repositories.

Geoff Cant is Giving the Following Talks
Whitelabel Erlang

Whitelabel Erlang covers the trials, tribulations and technologies used in building a whitelabel ejabberd hosting service.

The talk explains the rationale behind the choices of web server, templating system, email module, page optimizers and other web framework components. The talk also covers the documented and undocumented DNS query and caching modules in OTP and introduces 'dns' - a convenient new API for using them. Finally, the talk describes some tips and tricks useful for whitelabel hosting solutions that require customer DNS updates.