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Jan Lehnardt
CouchDB committer and evangelist
CouchDB Ltd

Jan Lehnardt is CouchDB's chief evangelist and a director of CouchDB Ltd. where he consults for major industry players. Jan's has spoken about CouchDB at conferences such as O'Reilly's OSCON and QCon, as well as groups like the BBC's web development team.

Jan Lehnardt is Giving the Following Talks
CouchDB for Erlang Developers

This talk shows what it takes to become a CouchDB developer. We'll show you how to find you way around the sources and write your first patch. We'll explain what you need to do to contribute your patch to the open source project. Our Tour de Source explains the general architecture and shows areas that need work that you could then pick up. Contributing to a high profile open source project looks good on your resumé and leads to all sorts of happiness. Erlang knowledge required.
Jan Lehnardt is Teaching the Following Courses

Target Audience: Web Developer, Software Architect, Database Administrator or a current user of CouchDB who needs formal training.
Prerequisites: You should have a basic understanding of web technologies (HTTP, HTML, JavaScript, Server-Side Scripting, databases) and an open mind for a new way of thinking about data.
This is a three-day tutorial split into morning and afternoon sessions. Each block ends with exercises that are reviewed in the beginning of the following block.
Goal: Learn CouchDB — all of it.
Duration: Three days.
Registration: 08:30 on 22nd June 2009. Venue to be confirmed.
This three day course takes you from a gentle introduction into new ways of dealing with your data, over building a new kind of peer-to-peer applications using web technologies to deployment and high-performance strategies and internals.
Your teachers are J Chris Anderson and Jan Lehnardt, both CouchDB core developers and full-time CouchDB consultants. Learn everything directly from the source and be sure, the things you learn are field-tested.

Special offer!, is the leading CouchDB company. It is headed by Jan Lehnardt and Chris Anderson who were part of the team that developed CouchDB with Damien Katz. are offering a 12 month "Gold" hosting and support package that normally costs USD1,200 to the next three applicants for the CouchDB University training course at the London Erlang Factory. This will provide the user with the following:

  • A hosted instance of CouchDB
  • 100GB of storage
  • 12-month's Premium support

This is ideal for those who wish to try out CouchDB or those who do not initially want to have to maintain their own installation.

Register now and become one of the three!

Jan Lehnardt is Host to the Following Tracks

Perhaps your use of Erlang has made you curious about other functional programming languages? Perhaps you are faced with having to understand and interface with other languages in your work? Or perhaps you just want to learn something new? This track lets you widen your horizons and delve into things non-Erlang.