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Jim Myhrberg
Geek, web-developer, designer, innovator

Jim Myhrberg is Swedish born, and lived on a small island in the middle of nowhere in Greece from the age of ten.
He got addicted to PHP and web-development in general when he was 16, and spent almost every waking hour of the day on the computer for the next 7 years. Amongst other things he's building a Ruby on Rails-like framework for PHP5 and planning a port/rebuild of said framework for Python.
He's currently studying Erlang and related technologies, both in relation to web and large scale computing systems.

Jim Myhrberg is Giving the Following Talks
RainUp - The Biggest Cloud Computing ever built!

Build the biggest cloud computing project man has ever seen and use it for scientific reasons. We plan to run on Clouds (Amazon / Mosso) and set Erlang to scale to infinity breaking the world record of TerraFlops! We are an OpenSource/NonProfit team destined to stretch technology in order to serve mankind.