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Kimmo Gläborg
IT-entrepreneur, founder of

Kimmo Gläborg is Founder and CEO of an online Erlang based digital courier archiving platform. With more than 12 years experience in it-infrastructure and services working for media companies such as Lowe, Leo Burnett and IDG, Kimmo has extensive knowledge in CMS, storage and server systems empowering the internet.

Kimmo Gläborg is Giving the Following Talks
The worlds energy consumption is going to triple by 2030

What can we, as systems owners and developers do to minimize power consumption in our data centers and offices? I'm going to cover what I believe are the biggest issues for the growing energy needs in the IT-industry,and on how Erlang could help to improve the world. I'll talk about the following:
  • Power consumption stats
  • Where does the power come from?
  • Bandwidth as a natural resource
  • The nature of data centers
  • Do more, with less hardware
  • Effect
You'll find me twittering @streamfile.