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Lahav Savir
System Engineer and back-end Systems Architect

A System Architect with over 16 years of experience and specialization in back-end systems and design and deployment of high-end on-line services, Lahav’s main focus is on Messaging Systems including value added services and data centric systems including Instant Messaging, E-mail as well Management and Monitoring Systems. As both system specialist and project manager, Lahav has led the IXI’s Mobile Messaging Gateway System  (MMGS) project from its inception phase to production  and deployment.

Lahav Savir is Giving the Following Talks
Massively Scaleable Mobile Gateways

Erlang is the perfect language to handle applications such as mobile gateways that are required to handle hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections. This talk will discuss the ways that led towards the selection of Erlang as the appropriate technology for a mobile Email and IM gateway, describe implementation phases, and describe selected solutions addressing the extreme requirements up to its successful deployment. The system is currently providing instant messaging and E-mail services to major mobile operators.