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Ulf Norell
QuviQ AB

Ulf Norell got his PhD in computer science in 2007 and is now a post doc at Chalmers University of Technology where he is developing dependently typed functional programming languages and teaching a master's level course on advanced functional programming. Since 2008 he has been working for Quviq AB, helping to bring the QuickCheck testing tool to Erlang developers.

Ulf Norell is Giving the Following Talks
Using QuickCheck for testing C code

The Quviq testing tool QuickCheck provides an excellent platform for testing Erlang programs, but so far, applying it to programs written in other languages such as C has been cumbersome. In this talk I will show a brand new library from Quviq which allows C functions to be called from Erlang as if they were Erlang functions. This makes testing C code with QuickCheck just as easy as testing Erlang code.
QuickCheck Case Studies

QuickCheck has proven itself across a range of applications. Here four speakers give short review of how they have applied QuickCheck in different environments, namely:
  • Adam Linberg - Using QuickCheck for testing a domain specific languages
  • Ulf Norell - Using QuickCheck for testing C code
  • Huiqing Li - Testing Wrangler with QuickCheck
  • Hans Svensson - Connecting QuickCheck and Rose/RT to test Radio Base Stations