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Benjamin Nortier
Polyglot Programmer

Benjamin Nortier is a freelance polyglot programmer and technology enthusiast. He has a wide range of experience developing software in engineering, science, social networking and web services. He has been a fan of Erlang since 2007.

Benjamin Nortier is Giving the Following Talks
Shapesmith - Accessible 3D modelling in the browser

The consumer 3D Printing market is exploding, democratising manufacturing and making it easy for anyone to produce what they can imagine. But design tools are either very expensive, difficult to use or not optimised for 3D printing.

I am creating Shapesmith to be an open-source, accessible and powerful 3D modeller for users who want to design high-fidelity 3D models cheaply. It runs in the browser using WebGL and an open source C++ solid modelling library. More importantly, Erlang is used on the server to provide a distributed, elastic solid geometry computation engine with a ReSTful interface.

Target audience: Technology enthusiasts who are interested in seeing a novel use of Erlang, and how it can be leveraged within a heterogeneous technology architecture.