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Bob Ippolito
CTO and co-founder of Mochi Media
Mochi Media

Bob Ippolito is CTO and cofounder of Mochi Media, (now a subsidiary of Shanda Games) and creator of Mochi Web. Bob started using Erlang in 2006 to prototype an ad server, and it quickly became the de facto platform for building servers at Mochi. Bob's open source contributions to the Erlang community include mochiweb, statebox, egeoip and kvc.

Bob Ippolito is Giving the Following Talks
Practical Erlang testing techniques (Y U NO HAVE TESTS?)

At Mochi we've spent a lot of time learning about how stressful and time consuming it is to let bad code slip into production. We've also learned a lot about how to avoid these mistakes by using tools to help us improve code quality and prevent regressions. My goal with this talk is to document and demonstrate the techniques we've developed to make our Erlang code better, hopefully saving you from making some of the mistakes we've made in the past.

Target Audience: Erlang developers who should be writing more and better tests

Talk objectives: Tips and tricks for how to infect your codebase with tests