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Darach Ennis
Principal Systems Engineer at StreamBase Systems, Inc.
StreamBase Systems, Inc

Darach is a Principal Systems Engineer at StreamBase Systems. He's responsible for working with the world's leading capital markets firms to design and implement large scale low latency event processing systems based on the StreamBase event processing platform. When he's not out in the field working with clients he's in the StreamBase Towers UK lab either researching the boundaries of scalable high throughput distributed event processing, but without chucking latency out with the bath water, or plugging accelerated compute hardware into StreamBase.

Darach's been enthusiastically dabbling with Erlang for years, Erjang recently, mainly on his 4 node linux-powered PS3 cluster at home. More recently, in the lab, he's been plugging Erlang into StreamBase and StreamBase into Erlang.

Darach Ennis is Giving the Following Talks
Complex Erlang/Erjang Processing

Complex Event Processing is a technology that enables the observation, orientation of, decision against and issuance of actions in low latency near real time. In a nutshell CEP (or Event Stream Processing, ESP) engines invert the traditional relationship between processing engines and data stores. Rather than persisting data on disk and querying in an ad hoc fashion. We take the query, optimize the hell out of it, compile it ultimately to native code and flood it with a high frequency of real time events. StreamBase is a commercial compiler oriented flow oriented (neither functional nor object oriented) CEP engine with a graphical development experience. Like Erjang & Erlang, it's event driven, tuple oriented, supports behaviour driven development.

This talk will introduce CEP, demonstrate integrations with Erjang and Erlang and look at how two tuple oriented technologies and their ecosystems can mutually benefit for the greater good of the developers and organizations that leverage them in mission critical environments.