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David Craelius
CTO of Klarna

David has been working within the financial sector building trading systems for online trading banking and debit card systems for twelve years. He was introduced to Erlang in 2006 and has been in love ever since. David became the CTO of Klarna, a fast growing Erlang based payments company in January 2011.

David Craelius is Giving the Following Talks
Why all suits should love Erlang

When battling technical debt, a fast growing biz and a rapidly changing market, Erlang is a major asset in your toolbox.
Talk Objectives: Highlight the strengths of Erlang (concurrency, horizontal scalability etc) from a biz perspective and describe the process of getting a "buy in" from CEOs and other suits for home grown solutions and niche techs such as Erlang.

Target Audience: Engineers who wants to listen to the biz version of Erlang, project managers, C crowd (CIO/CTO/CEO) etc etc