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Dominic Williams
An Agile voice in the Erlang world
Extreme Forge

Past CTO of Erlang powered companies such as Cellicium and, Dominic recently founded Extreme Forge, a company dedicated to improving the lives of Erlang and Agile developers.

Dominic Williams is Giving the Following Talks
A-maze-ing Erlang

At Extreme Forge, we believe that the most efficient and enjoyable way to successful projects is to focus on having clean code that works. In the wake of test-driven development, software craftsmanship and coding dojos, we are working on an contest engine that allows people from around the world to gather online and compete for fun and learning on an interesting coding problem, in real-time.

A beta session of what we called the Agile Cup was held in April, where the problem was to find the way out of a maze of increasing complexity. In addition to solving mazes, the competitor's program must communicate with the engine through an HTTP/JSON interface.

I will code, live, an Erlang solution to this problem, in the hope of showing some clean Erlang code that works to the audience, and in order to provide a live, commented demonstration of the test-driven development approach to programming.