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Eric Cestari
Project Manager at ProcessOne

Eric Cestari is Project Manager at ProcessOne. After nearly a decade of using and teaching Java, WS-*, PHP and SQL databases, he moved on to REST, NoSQL and Erlang. And he is loving it. His current job includes designing and developing HTTP services around current and future ProcessOne offerings.

Eric online

Eric Cestari is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang goodness in ejabberd

ejabberd is the most popular XMPP server. It will turn 9 years old this year and connects millions of users everyday. One of the main reasons? It's written in erlang!

This presentation will focus on what edge erlang gives to ejabberd. We will talk about mnesia, pattern matching, clustering and all the other nice features we get for free with erlang, and how we use them in ejabberd.

 While this is not a technical talk, the attendance may be exposed to some short erlang snippets.