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Eric Merritt
Erlang author and Erlware Committer
eCD Market

Eric Merritt specializes in concurrent languages and distributed systems. For the last ten years he has been heavily involved in the Erlang community via Open Source projects and Erlware. Currently, Eric is a Software Engineer at eCD Market, a core developer for the Erlware family of Open Source products and is the primary developer for the Sinan build system, and a contributor to various other Open Source projects. He is also a co-author of Erlang and OTP in Action.

Eric has been involved in both professional and Open Source
development for the last twelve years. He started his career
developing applications in C and Java on IBM Mainframe and Midrange hardware before migrating to commodity box clouds and distributed computing. However, his interest in languages, concurrency and distributed systems quickly drove him to more interesting and challenging work at companies like and eCD Market.

eCd Market

Eric Merritt is Giving the Following Talks
Erlware Commons: Well Tested, Abstract types for Erlang

Having well defined reusable types for Erlang applications is a problem that many have talked about but no one has acted upon. In the course of creating Erlware Commons a need was discovered for these types so it was undertaken to provide a straight forward, easily understandable implementation along with reusable property based testing. This talk follows the process from inception, to implementation, providing very good examples of behaviour use, property based testing and iterative approach to development with tightly integrated automated testing.

You can view Eric's slides here.