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Ian Barber
Development Manager at Virgin, queuing enthusiast

Ian is the development manager at Virgin Management in London, and has been working in web development, primarily with PHP, since 2002. He was formerly Delivery Manager for Ibuildings, where he worked with a variety of large enterprise clients across the UK and Europe. He is a regular conference speaker, and is interested in search, data processing, machine learning and natural language processing.

Ian's Blog
Twitter: @ianbarber

Ian Barber is Giving the Following Talks
ZeroMQ - Messaging Made Simple

ZeroMQ is a message queuing socket library that allows us to build fast, scalable messaging systems across many languages, and over TCP, multicast, IPC, or between threads, or any mix thereof. ØMQ has bindings for a huge variety of languages, including Erlang. In this talk we will look at ZeroMQ, the basic messaging patterns it supports with some example cases, and how it can be used to bridge between an Erlang system and components in other languages.

Note: this is a "give me a break from Erlang" talk primarily, but will have examples of the Erlang bindings so developers can get a feel for how they might integrate ZeroMQ messaging into their existing applications.