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Javier M. Torres
Systems Engineer and part-time neuroscientist @ Ericsson

Javier Torres is a systems and software engineer working at the Technology & Innovation department in the Ericsson R&D Center in Madrid. During the first part of his career he spent countless days and nights checking SS7 protocol sequences for Intelligent Network applications, merging telco and IP services. Shortly after discovering Erlang he joined the Technology & Innovation department, developing internal tools for distributed data mining, some of them in Erlang. At the same time he complemented his work on machine learning with some psychology and neuroscience to get a broader view. Javier has also coerced Erlang on such disparate fields as game servers or HPC.

Javier M. Torres is Host to the Following Tracks

The Tools and Gadgets Track explores the latest tools, academic research projects and library applications for the Erlang Developers and Testers.