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Ulf Wiger
Uber Erlang programmer and CTO of Erlang Solutions
Erlang Solutions

Being a cat person, Ulf has noticed how cats love to seek out the spots where they can observe everything going on in their world. As CTO of Erlang Solutions, Ulf has such a vista. Before that, his position as Chief Erlang Designer at Ericsson for AXD 301 and its spin-off products allowed him to make community building part of his job, as well as finding ways to improve Erlang/OTP - his most visible contributions perhaps being Xmerl, application start phases, nested application support, and the newly released DIAMETER stack. The author of Open Source components like 'gproc', 'ct_expand', 'unsplit' and some recent Mnesia extensions, Ulf still finds excuses to hone his programming skills.

Ulf Wiger is Giving the Following Talks
The Erlang/OTP DIAMETER Stack

It should not surprise anyone that Ericsson has great in-house components written in Erlang for modern multimedia networks. Their battle-proven DIAMETER stack, used in a number of Ericsson products, was included in the latest release of Erlang/OTP. In this talk, we will describe why this is exciting, what DIAMETER is, and where and how it is used in modern multimedia networks to enable subscriber and resource management, presence and billing. We will show how the Erlang/OTP DIAMETER stack leverages the unique features of Erlang, and contributes to making Erlang/OTP an ideal platform for building innovative - and profitable - applications on top of the emerging global service delivery infrastructure.

Erlang Enhancement Proposal Panel Debate

Since the release of Erlang/OTP on GitHub the possibilities for the Erlang community to contribute to the development of Erlang has increased tremendously. We should leverage this possibility and the increased interest in Erlang to keep Erlang as a living and growing language by letting the community help the language evolve. In this slot, Erik will present the EPP process and committee.

The committee members present at the Erlang Factory will participate in a panel discussion together with the audience discussing the most important EEP proposals.

EEP Proposal list on the site.