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Jakob Sievers
Architect @klarna

Jakob enjoys reading, hacking, and lifting heavy things. He currently pretends to be a software architect at Klarna, a European payments company.

Jakob Sievers is Giving the Following Talks
MeshUp and other Riak hacks

MeshUp is our functional workflow engine. We like our business logic pure and our effects managed - this talk describes how we do it. While MeshUp was designed with Riak in mind, the approach should be of interest to anyone who wants to maintain some discipline in large, database-driven Erlang applications.

Talk objectives: Describe how we realize the two main goals of our application platform: 1) maintaining the benefits of functional programming in the presence of a shared database 2) making Dynamo-style databases easier to use.

Target audience: Hopefully functional programmers in general, but with a bias towards database nerds.