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Matt Kern
Software Team Leader @ Cyan

Matt is a jack-of-all-trades with interests in deeply embedded systems all the way up to the cloud and web applications on the desktop. With a background in enterprise search, distributed computing, operating systems and robotics, Matt has experience with a broad range of technologies, which he brings to bear on all his new projects.

Matt Kern is Giving the Following Talks
CyLec - An Architecture for Electricity Smart Metering

Cyan is a systems company involved in two primary markets: public lighting control and smart metering.  This talk covers our CyLec architecture for electricity smart metering, from the wireless ISM-band nodes embedded in the meters via the GPRS gateways that link them to the internet and the Erlang cloud infrastructure that manages them to the rich web applications in the control rooms.

Talk objectives: Show off an innovative use of Erlang in the M2M space.