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Stephen Page
VP Engineering @ Cyan

Stephen has spent much of his career in freelance consultancy working on a diverse range of systems for many global companies, including development of next generation secure smart cards with the Secure Products Team of NatWest Bank, consumer digital TV, video and graphics products for Pace and Imagination Technologies, pre-payment electricity meters for Schlumberger and many other projects including those with Shell, BP, BNFL, NPL and the RAF Institute of Aviation medicine.

Stephen Page is Giving the Following Talks
CyLec - An Architecture for Electricity Smart Metering

Cyan is a systems company involved in two primary markets: public lighting control and smart metering.  This talk covers our CyLec architecture for electricity smart metering, from the wireless ISM-band nodes embedded in the meters via the GPRS gateways that link them to the internet and the Erlang cloud infrastructure that manages them to the rich web applications in the control rooms.

Talk objectives: Show off an innovative use of Erlang in the M2M space.