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Peer Stritzinger
Entrepreneur, creator of Hydraprog mass reflashing equipment for the car industry
Dipl.Phys. Peer Stritzinger GmbH

Peer Stritzinger got bored with writing the second version of his automotive flashing product in C again so he tried Erlang. After four weeks into the project there was no going back. That was in 2007, since then he is implementing a increasing percentage of embedded systems code in Erlang.  Initially mastered in Physics (Technical University Munich) Peer has broad experience from low level device drivers to functional languages in industrial and automotive applications. He has worked self employed as developer since 1987 and since over 10 years as designer, developer and manufacturer of industrial products. He did consulting work in applied cryptography and protocol design and implementation. For all these applications Erlang is a natural fit so it was probably inevitable, that Erlang is his most preferred language now. 
Peer is currently living and working in the nice countryside west of Munich, Bavaria.

Peer Stritzinger is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang and RTEMS Embedded Erlang, two case studies

RTEMS is a open-source hard-realtime operating system for small embedded systems.  It is used in the aerospace industry flying on satellites and planetary probes - currently its also driving around on Mars.  This talk shows how Erlang and RTEMS work together in real world products.  In the first product they are running on separate boards talking over USB, in the second product Erlang even runs atop of RTEMS as operating system.

Talk objectives: Show some real world examples of how Erlang can be used to build better industrial embedded systems.

Target audience: Erlang developers and embedded developers interested in Erlang.