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Andy Gross
Riak Core Developer, VP Engineering at Basho Technologies
Basho Technologies Inc

Andy is a distributed systems nerd and VP of Engineering at Basho Technologies, the company behind the Riak distributed data store. Before Riak, Andy hacked on various distributed systems at Mochi Media,  Apple Computer, and Akamai Technologies.

Andy Gross is Giving the Following Talks
Distributed Erlang Systems In Operation: Patterns and Pitfalls

While Erlang/OTP provides a rich set of abstractions and tools for developing distributed applications, the operation of a distributed Erlang system at scale presents many challenges and pitfalls that developers should be aware of at all phases of application development.  In this talk,  Andy will present a number of techniques for building operationally friendly Erlang systems that effectively use the OTP libraries, based on real-world experience at Mochi Media and Basho Technologies.