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Horst Stohrer
Erlang hacker at E*Trade

Horst Stohrer is a Director of Architecture at E*TRADE Financial focusing on Distributed Computing, Service Oriented Architecture and Web Technologies.

Horst Stohrer is Giving the Following Talks
Erlang at E*TRADE

This talk will cover the unique aspects of Erlang that are now the basis of a highly scalable web services platform at E*TRADE Financial. It will cover the criteria used in selecting Erlang over other approaches, the design aspects of the current system as well as issues that were encountered and addressed during the development, testing and deployment of the system.

The 'Common Web Services' framework is an E*TRADE Technology for advertising, monitoring and routing web service calls in a distributed system consisting of C/C++ and Java service implementations.  The framework allows services to be dynamically advertised, called from synchronous and asynchronous clients as well as forwarded.  Each service call may be queued if the back end pool of workers is busy, and all services and workers can be monitored and controlled via a command line or web interface.