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John Muellerleile
Senior Engineer at Basho
Basho Technologies Inc

John is a senior engineer at Basho, team lead for Riak Search.  For two years at Basho he's been learning and working with Erlang. Previous to Basho, John spent a handful of years as a freelance consultant servicing mainly e-commerce sites including some of the largest online retailers of their kind. Before that, he climbed the ranks as a developer at the largest health care company in the world.

He is an alumnus of the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin where he studied computer science, psychology, film and music. When he's not hacking, you can probably find him in the music studio he has built over the years.

John Muellerleile is Giving the Following Talks
Riak Search

Riak Search is a distributed data indexing and search platform built on top of Riak. The talk will introduce Riak Search, covering overall goals, architecture, and core functionality, with specific focus on how Erlang is used to manage and execute an ever-changing population of ad hoc query processes.