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Adam Lindberg
Erlang Solutions

Adam has a degree in Computer Science and works as a technical consultant for Erlang Solutions. For the past few years he has worked at Ericsson AB in Stockholm as a team Leader where he leads a team of eight, working developing a domain specific language to handle telephonic traffic manipulation.

Adam Lindberg is Teaching the Following Courses

Target Audience: This course is aimed at experienced Erlang Software Developers and Designers who need to understand Behaviours.
Prerequisites: Existing experience using Sequential and Concurrent Programming with Erlang on projects.
• Use existing Design Patterns supported by Erlang and OTP.
• Apply Generic Behaviours, Finite State Machines and Event handler Patterns.
• Use the Supervisor and Applicaton Behaviours Patterns.
• Write your own Design Patterns.
• Structure large Erlang based systems.
Goal: Design fault-tolerant systems.
Duration: Three days.
Registration: 08:30 on 22nd March 2010.
Venue: Hilton San Francisco Airport Hotel.
Description: You will learn the prevailing Erlang Design Patterns called OTP Behaviours. We will cover Erlang Design Patterns such as Generic Behaviours, Finite State Machines and Event Handlers. You will also learn how to develop systems using the Supervisor and Application Behaviours Patterns, so you can construct maintainable and fault tolerant software. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to extend it all, by devising your very own Behaviours.