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Web Programming with Erlang

an image Target Audience: Software Developers
Prerequisites: Participants should be familiar with Erlang
• Understand when to use mochiweb and webmachine
• Learn how to use Nitrogen to build interactive web interfaces
• Become familiar with Riak and understand how to use it effectively
Goal: Learn how to use popular open source frameworks to build robust web applications
Duration: Three days
Registration: 08:30 on 7th June 2010.
Venue: London Fruit & Wool Exchange
Description: You get an introduction to the popular Erlang libraries mochiweb, webmachine, Nitrogen, and Riak. We will cover the basics of each library and construct several small web applications highlighting each library. The class will culminate in a final exercise which will use webmachine, Nitrogen, and Riak to build a complete web application.

Course Contents:

1 Survey of Problem Domain
    1.1 Challenges of web programming
    1.2 Why Erlang works for the web
2 Web servers
    2.1 Writing Your Own
    2.2 LAB
    2.3 mochiweb
        2.3.1 Introduction
        2.3.2 Writing Your Own Handlers
        2.3.3 LAB
        2.3.4 Embedding mochiweb
        2.3.5 LAB
3 Using rebar
    3.1 Why?
    3.2 Overview
    3.3 Building Erlang projects
4 Content Templating
    4.1 mustache.erl
    4.2 LAB
5 webmachine
    5.1 Overview
    5.2 Writing Your First Resource
    5.3 Routes & Configuration
    5.4 LAB
    5.5 Handling GET
    5.6 Handling POST
    5.7 Handling DELETE
    5.8 Handling PUT
    5.9 LAB
    5.10 Authenticating
    5.11 Rendering UIs
    5.12 LAB
    5.13 Common Patterns
    5.14 LAB
6 riak
    6.1 Overview
    6.2 Principles
    6.3 Quick Start
    6.4 LAB
    6.5 Basic Operations
        6.5.1 Fetching and Storing Data
        6.5.2 Links & Link-Walking
    6.6 LAB
    6.7 Using HTTP Interface
    6.8 LAB
    6.9 Map/Reduce In Riak
        6.9.1 Erlang
        6.9.2 Javascript
    6.10 LAB


Kevin Smith

image Kevin Smith has, at various times, been a network administrator, DBA, developer, team lead and trainer over his 14 year career. He first learned about Erlang in 2006 via Joe
Armstrong's excellent book and has never looked back. Until recently Kevin was the founder and operator of Hypothetical Labs, an Erlang focused consultancy. Kevin is now a senior member of the development team at Basho Technologies.