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Adam Denenberg
VP Engineering @ Huffington Post
Huffington Post

As the current VP of Engineering for the Huffington Post, Adam is responsible for leading the entire engineering team for all consumer facing products including, Huffpost Live, community products and advertising platforms. Prior to Huffington Post, Adam was the SVP Technology at Thomson Reuters where he lead the technology and platform team for all of collaboration and multimedia initiatives within the organization. Adam is a strong believer in open source and loves being entrenched in emerging technologies.

Adam Denenberg is Giving the Following Talks
WebSockets, RabbitMQ & Erlang @ the Huffington Post

In this talk, you will learn about the architecture and setup that the Huffington Post built to power their realtime websocket based commenting framework.  Leveraging RabbitMQ, SockJS, Cowboy and Erlang, they were able to build and design a highly scalable, customizable solution to power realtime comments.  You will learn about some of the pitfalls they hit, as well as some of the improvements they would like to make to take their platform to the next level.

Talk objectives:
- Understanding why we chose to go the Erlang and SockJS route for our commenting platform
- How we integrate RabbitMQ routing to power our subscription architecture
- How we manage subscriptions for realtime ""channels"" 
- Extending the framework into an open source solution
- Enabling other mechanisms for publishing comments outside of RabbitMQ

Target audience: For people interested in leveraging Erlang to power a realtime capability on their web applications, this talk will provide oversight into what we learned in the last year, how the pieces of the architecture fit together and how you might customize a websocket solution to suit your needs.