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Benoît Chesneau
Web Craftsman designing for the Decentralized World
Enki Multimedia

Benoît Chesneau is a French web craftsman, living near Paris. He has years of experience in building small and big-scale database backend website. He founded Enki Multimedia a company building innovative web services and open-source applications. Benoît Chesneau is the founder of the Refuge project.

Benoît Chesneau is also a PSF member, gunicorn author and Apache CouchDB PMC member & committer.

Twitter: @benoitc

Benoît Chesneau is Giving the Following Talks
Refuge: Build a Decentralized Data Platform

The Refuge project aims to build a decentralized and open-source data platform allowing you to share, manipulate and link any kind of data.  

This talk will highlight different features of the refuge platform
built in Erlang, how we did them and why using Erlang for them:

- coffer: a blob server able to store the data on different backends (FS, S3, Cloud files, ...)
- blanket: a document-oriented database library able to use different backends (couch_btree obviously but also eleveldb, bitcask, hanoidb, ...)
- beacon: the layer that handles the data nodes discovery (P2P) and different levels of trusts and authentication.
- postie: the message processing system that promotes distributed and decentralized topologies without single point of failures (pretty similar to nsq but in Erlang)

Talk objectives: Present all the aspects of OTP and Erlang used to build a data platform fully decentralized, fault tolerant, without single points of failures. This talk will also demo refuge working on embedded devices.

Target audience: Anyone interested in building decentralized and distributed systems.