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Cliff Moon
Koolaid Man, Polyglot Programmer @ Boundary

Cliff Moon is Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer at Boundary. Prior to Boundary, Cliff was a lead engineer for Powerset (natural language search engine acquired by Microsoft) where he was instrumental in the design, implementation, launch, and operation of many of the company’s production services. Cliff is an active contributor to open source projects, developing the first open-source implementation of Amazon Dynamo and originating the Dynamo Framework. Cliff is an active and well-regarded member of the NoSQL, Scala, and Erlang communities.

Twitter: @moonpolysoft

Cliff Moon is Giving the Following Talks
Bottleneck Whack-A-Mole at Scale

When an Erlang app starts falling over in production it can seem like a daunting task getting it back up and stabilized again.  We will discuss a number of methods, both reactive and preventative, for bulletproofing Erlang apps against concurrency bottlenecks, VM quirks and the plethora of ways your code can come back to haunt you.

Talk objectives: Teach the audience how to bulletproof their Erlang code against scaling pains.

Target audience: Folks who write and support production code.