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Dionisis Kakoliris
Head of Engineering @ Bugsense
BugSense Inc

Dionisis graduated from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at National Technical University of Athens. 

Before moving to Bugsense as Head of Engineering, he worked at Emphasis Systems S.A. on database applications and Intracom S.A. on gaming solutions. He's also an Undergraduate Assistant involved with Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Animation and Parallel Processing at Medialab (NTUA).

Dionisis Kakoliris is Giving the Following Talks
LDB: The BigData In-Memory Database built with Erlang, C and LISP

Would you believe it that you can feed data coming from various sources (even thousand different resources - like mobile devices) into a system, describe what information you want to extract in a few lines of code and then have all this information in your finger tips? In real time. While the system keeps running?

LDB powers BugSense and analyses data coming from more than 200M mobile devices, in realtime. And even though it is In-Memory, data is actually stored in the hard-drive and replicated across other nodes using the awesome features of Erlang.

With LDB we don’t run queries. We run algorithms due to a full blown custom LISP language written in C that has access to the same address space with the database. That means that you can search extremely fast for data and run complex algorithms insanely faster than any other solutions.