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Noah Gift
Head of Web @ Linden Lab
Linden Lab

Adaptable technical leader, entrepreneur, software developer/architect/engineer and MBA candidate. Over 20 years experience in leadership and engineering, including P&L responsibility. Noah is also a data driven scientist that is comfortable using mathematical modeling to solve complex problems.

Noah started his professional career at 18 years old by working at ABC Network News as a television editor and engineer for the national news. Since then he has worked as an author, software engineer, network engineer, video engineer, founded two companies, and led engineering at several companies. Both of Master's degree have occurred while he has been employed full-time and been active running marathons, which has allowed him to figure out how to prioritize resource allocation under severe constraints.


* Solving interesting (tough and scary) problems, in any language and any environments.
* Leading and growing engineering teams
* Mathematical modeling of data science problems (Excel, AML, Pyomo, glpk, Pandas, numpy/scipy)
* Adapting to my environment and dealing with resource constraints
* Advising Early Stage Startups

Noah Gift is Giving the Following Talks
Believe in Erlang in Games

Noah, Mario and James will deliver a three-part talk.

Part 1:  Noah Gift will talk about how he believes in Erlang and how that factors into hiring, architecture and business dollars and cents at a game company.
Part 2:  Mario Izquierdo will take you for a deep dive into a RabbitMQ integration into a Rails game architecture, DIO, and how Erlang "made it scale".
Part 3:  James Mayfield will go into the evolution of an AI game written in Erlang as it went from prototype to "shipped".

Talk objectives: To explain how Erlang fits into game and web development in games.

Target audience: Erlang developers, web developers and anyone interested in games.