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Yusheng Li
Technology Innovator from Hefei
Qiyun Software

Yusheng is a co-founder and CEO of Qiyun Software Company( based in Hefei, China. They are building a unified platform for developing and deploying web apps using HTML5 and Javascript. The platform is mainly built using Erlang.
Before founding Qiyun Software Yusheng worked in Microsoft for more than 5 years, first as research software development engineer in Microsoft Research Asia then transferred to worked as software development engineer in Office Group, Microsoft Redmond, USA. 
He got his Master Degree on Advanced Computing from University of Bristol, UK.

Yusheng Li is Giving the Following Talks
Browser Frontend + Erlang Backend-> Webapp Anywhere

This talk is mainly about how we utilize Erlang to build a unified platform that can act as a solid, concurrent backend for HTML5 webapps. Qiyun Webapp platform provides the whole tool chain and a unified platform for designing, developing, deploying and hosting HTML5 webapps. It includes project management, online editor, WYSIWYGE IDE,version control, database design and operation tools, security control, all integrated.Users can write their backend logic in Javascript which is parsed and compiled to run in Erlang VM. More details can be found in
Erlang is the infrastructure and the power horse that makes all these possible. In this talk I will give technical details about how all these features are implemented in Erlang and why we think Erlang is a natural fit in building cloud platform for webapps. With browser and Javascript, HTML5,CSS3 as UI frontend and Erlang as backend, we dare say that this mode is the future of any apps.

Talk objectives: First we like to demostrate how Erlang helps in building this platform. How its uniqueness and technical advantages make this platform possible. We like to give our example to tell everybody that Erlang is a natural fit in this kind of task and it should have more influence in future webapp trends. 
Second we like to show our technologies to draw more attention. Also we like to share our view of how webapp or any apps should be developed in future. 
Lastly, we like to know more people that are interested in Erlang and find its excellence. 

Target audience: People who are interested in seeing Erlang used in the cloud. People who are interested in building webapps in a modular, consistent and unified way where they can write UI and backend logic in a single language--Javascript. People who like new technical innovations which combines the backend and front end in a seamless way, utilizing the power of Erlang to provide a massive concurrent run time for webapps running anywhere--desktop, ipad, mobiles.