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Abhay Kumar
Fuzed and Erlectricity committer
Powerset R&D, Microsoft Corporation

Abhay Kumar is a data junkie and software dude working in San Francisco. He started experimenting with Erlang in 2007 and is currently working at Powerset, where he has worked on the Katamari/Fuzed project and contributed to Erlang-related open source projects like erlectricity. He also has written extensions for the Mochiweb web server that have been integrated into other projects and written a custom attacking agent in Erlang that leverages Amazon EC2 for load testing services by generating DDoS attack-like loads.

Abhay Kumar is Giving the Following Talks
Building Reliable Distributed Heterogenous Services with Katamari/Fuzed

Erlang is a powerful language for distributed computation, but most modern production software is written in a variety of languages that are not as suited to reliable, distributed programing. At Powerset, we developed a platform for reliable distributed computing that leveraged the Erlang Ports infrastrcutre to make the robustness and flexibility of Erlang-based networked infrastructure to a variety of language runtimes, without onerous cross-porting work. From that base, we extended our system to support heterogenous networks of services which can be added or removed in real time without interrupting existing services, using a simple model akin to an erlang event loop to talk with external code.