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Yariv Sadan
Creator of Erlyweb and Erlang blogger emeritus

Yariv Sadan is the creator and lead developer of ErlyWeb. He has used ErlyWeb to create Vimagi, a website for creating and sharing paintings, and Twoorl, an open source Twitter clone. He has written many articles about Erlang programming in his blog. Yariv works for Facebook on the Facebook Platform. He studied math, computer science and economics at Rutgers College.

Yariv Sadan is Giving the Following Talks
ErlyWeb and its use in creating simple real-time web-based chat applications

Erlang was originally designed to build telcom systems. For most of its existence, most web developers have ignored Erlang partly because it was unproven as a web language and partly because it lacked good web development tools. This is unfortunate because Erlang's strengths in concurrency, distributed programming, and fault tolerance can be advantageous for many web applications. ErlyWeb was created to fill this gap: its goal is to make it as easy to build websites in Erlang as in other languages while allowing developers to leverage Erlang's unique capabilities. In this talk, I will give a brief overview of ErlyWeb and demonstrate how to use ErlyWeb to create a simple real-time web-based chat application.