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Tobbe Tornkvist
Enthusiastic Erlang user
Kreditor AB

Enthusiastic Erlang user since 1991. Former member of Ericsson CSLab, now working at Kreditor. Creator of: Long time contributor to the Jungerl open source library, with a special obsession to implement protocols in Erlang, such as: LDAP, Radius, DHCP, X11, SMB and more recently: OpenID.

Tobbe Tornkvist is Giving the Following Talks
Kreditor - running a 24x7 system; architecture and experiences

The talk will give a brief history of Kreditor and will then will go into some detail about the system architecture of their 24x7 system that serves some 3000 E-stores. In particular, the use of Mnesia in a non-distributed mode will be described as well as how this was utilized in the move of the system to a different data centre.