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James Golick
Profanity enthusiast

Meet James Golick. He writes code, builds companies and… delivers talks for a living. He also likes to shred powder, play golf, whitewater kayak, and listen to music, but not professionally.
As far as software is concerned, he's interested in well-structured, highly modular code, and scalability / operations (in other words, what actually happens when you put code in to production).
James loves to write and give talks on the misinformation floating around about building and operating applications at scale. He also releases quite a bit of open source software.


James Golick is Giving the Following Talks
Noob to production in 2 months

James learned Erlang because he wanted to make some minor customizations to ejabberd. Before he knew it, he was putting thousands of lines of his own code in to production. In this talk, James will discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of writing and running his first Erlang service.