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Kevin Smith
Caffeine curator, bookworm, and distributed systems enthusiast. Director of Engineering @ Opscode

Kevin Smith is Director of Engineering at Opscode where his team wields Erlang and Ruby to make Chef better and faster. He's been a developer, DBA, network administrator, and team lead over the course of his 16 year career. Kevin has worked on a number of Erlang projects at prominent technology firms including Engine Yard, Basho Technologies, and Heroku.

Kevin is also the author of the Pragmatic Programmers' "Erlang In Practice" screencast series.

Twitter: @kevsmith

Kevin Smith is Giving the Following Talks
Building Real World REST APIs w/Erlang

Let's talk about how to build real-world REST APIs with Erlang. Not examples or "hello, world" demos but APIs that will hold up under sustained use in production.

During our time together I'll talk about my experiences writing production RESTful servers in Erlang. I'll introduce webmachine, a great REST toolkit, and show you how to use it for maximum benefit. We'll also look at how to use parse transforms to dramatically reduce the inevitable boiler plate code associated with most large projects.